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Enter your age for the weight percentile calculation.

The weight percentile below, uses Dr.Halls' own algorithm on population data. A unique Halls.md feature!

according to your age and height.

(This is your Weight Percentile, compared to other Americans)

If at 50th percentile, you are close to average weight.
At 90th percentile, your weight is greater than 90% of others.
At 20th percentile, then 80% of others weigh more than you.


Click here for Body Mass Index and percentiles in-depth info

Try this Ideal Weight calculator, which adjusts for your age and current weight.

Body Mass Index (BMI) can be used to indicate if you are overweight, obese, underweight or normal. It will, however, overestimate fatness in people who are muscular or atheletic. Because of these problems, this body mass index calculator shows extra statistics to help you be informed and judge your own body compared to others of the same height and age. Also offered are average weight and height charts and Body Mass Index charts, which show data you just can't find anywhere else.

Women tend to believe they look their best at values between 20 to 22 and men are usually satisfied with a BMI of 23 to 25. If your BMI is between 17 to 22, your life expectancy is longer than average. You don't need to lose weight.

If your BMI is between 23 and 25, you are not considered overweight by most people. But if your BMI is 26 or more, that's not good. But you knew that already.

Above all, Don't Worry, Be Happy. It's unhealthy to have anxiety over a less-than-perfect body image. And, if this calculator's description of your body seems wrong for you, just trust your own judgment. A healthy mental attitude is just as important as physical fitness.


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