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Consulting the Women’s height and weight chart, and noticing the average height for women is gradually becoming shorter with aging.

Of course you’ve noticed that most women become shorter as they grow older? Why does the average height for women decline? How does your own height compare?

womens average height chart

To use this chart, find your height along the right-hand side, and see what "percentile" you are.

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Although you probably want just the average height, and to judge how much taller or shorter you are, compared to the average, I’m going to mention why women grow shorter. It’s two major things that happen: The intervertebral disks become narrower over time, and osteoporosis causes tiny amounts of compression of the vertebral bodies. A minor thing is the narrowing of cartilage by a few millimeters in these joints: ankles, knees and hips. It all adds up.

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The thick red line in the middle of the chart is the 50th percentile, which indicates that 50% of the population of Women have Height (or stature) taller than the line, and 50% are shorter.  Similarly, the lowest red line, the 5th percentile line, indicates the Height where only 5% of the female population is shorter. Also, reminder that 5 feet tall is 60 inches or 152 centimeters.

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For a Women’s Weight Chart, click here. To calculate your Body Mass Index, try here. For female Height charts of other race/ethnic groups, choose Hispanic, White, Black or Other. See the chart index perhaps. Charts for men’s weight and height of men are also available. Charts for girls, height of girls and weight of girls are available here.  These are also interesting, because they not only show the average height of children, they also show that the tendency to develop obesity in adult life often begins in childhood.

The data source for this chart is the NHANES III survey, conducted in America during 1988 to 1994. * The "Race-Ethnicity" categories. The chart on this particular page is a Height chart for women of "White" race/ethnicity*.


How tall are the national average height of women in America?

The average female American womens height is 163 to 164 cm, which is approximately 64.2 to 64.6 inches, which is approximately 5 foot – 5 inches tall. (for white females*).

Created by Steven B. Halls, MD, FRCPC and John Hanson, MSc.

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That’s mildly interesting, but explain this. The CDC webpage says the average height is 63.8 inches. But you say 64.5-ish. Why?

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
That’s a clue! It shows the CDC is skewing their data to be weighted toward much older adults, like average 60 years old.

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If you you’ve read my average weight pages, I express my muted anger about their misleading statistics that make the average weight seem very overweight.

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