About the phrase "Race-Ethnicity categories".

The Race-Ethnicity categories used in the NHANES III survey were: Non-Hispanic White, Non-Hispanic Black, Mexican-American, and Other.  The "Other" category includes all Hispanics, regardless of race, who were not Mexican-American and also includes all non-Hispanics from racial groups other than white or black, including Aleut, Eskimo, American Indian, Asian and Pacific Islander.

I created this page in year 2000, using the above wording provided by the epidemiologists and statisticians of the NHANES III survey. In December, 2014 I updated the styling, but I haven't investigated whether or not the words have fallen into disfavor. Eventually they will, and when that day does come, please think of all this, what you see here, as a historical capture of a moment in time.

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