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I know the weight calculators, but what is the Moose?

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New website style, Doc? Click my picture?

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Before I tell you about the Moose, here are some popular links.


Pointy moose fingerThe new Body Mass Index calculator, the alternate BMI calculator for men with no fancy graphics, the Ideal Weight Calculator and Body Surface Area calculators.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
halls.md was my first website. This boring page tells some history.


I’ve been helping people with weight issues for years, with a doctors code of ethics that requires things are proven safe and effective. Three important words. 2 out of 3 isn’t good enough. I’ve posted on the various fads and popular schemes for losing weight, trying to be informative and fun and helpful. Here are some of them:

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Talking Moose

Can you imagine…

Lose Weight quickly with this one weird trick.

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No Moose, I know you’re just kidding. Anything coming from me has to be real, and based-on peer-reviewed published medical proof.


I’ve got something coming, to give away free, just to help people achieve meaningful weight loss and health. Not a diet, not a supplement, nor exercise program, or things like that. Those are big business for others, and yes, good nutrition and daily exercise and eating a little less are required to lose weight. But as usual, I’ve worked on something unique, something hard to achieve, something amazing.

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What? What’s amazing?


OK, I’m stuck here, while writing a webpage to promote something, that isn’t quite ready yet. It’s hard for me because I’m naturally introverted. Here’s a summary of what is coming.

First will be my free whitepaper, on the importance of Sleep. The science behind getting enough sleep is solid, and how it helps you lose weight, is incredible. My discovery, that I’m sharing in this whitepaper, is how to simply, quickly, and easily change your mind, change how your conscious and subconscious mind controls your sleep, so that you DO get more sleep, AND, lose weight.

So I need to figure out how to add an email-attachment-sending feature to this website, so that I can send people this, automatically. But in the meantime, just email me the manual old-fashioned way, and let me know you want it.

Next, I’m intending a second whitepaper, on good mood, happiness, laughter, joy, and how incredibly important these are to improve your life. And, to lose weight. Again, this material is known in science, but hard in real life. My discovery, is a way to help people with this. There IS a way to easily make a big change, filling your mind with the sustained neurochemistry of being really happy and feeling good. So good, that other negative things, like the way your brain craves to over-eat calories, to get a dopamine reward, are replaced by the positive reward neurochemistry from happiness instead.

This whitepaper is taking a little longer than I thought, but I promise that people who sign up will get it sent automatically when it is ready.

Finally, comes the Moose, a free software download. The moose is a famous, beloved, joke-telling friend. Humor is the anchor, the bedrock, the mountain of initial benefit. Just imagine, you like the Moose. You understand humor now, you’re funnier and happier, and you then allow the Moose to teach you, and knowingly influence you, on the weight loss and the sleep aspects that make such a dramatic improvement to your life.

Humor is the foundation, and then the Moose becomes your personal benefactor, for weight loss. Just imagine, a personal trainer for your mind, a guru whose persuasive language you recognize and appreciate, and every day your mind transforms your body into something better.

It’s not a weird trick. You still need to eat a little less, exercise a little more, choose good foods, and so on. The Moose will guide you on this too. But the mental change, via sleep, positive persuasion and gaining happiness to negate over-consuming calories, is something the Moose can add, that nothing else can.

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