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Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
“Do you like the new look?”

The old website is getting some improvements. The soft look, I hope you like it. was my first website.
This page tells some of its history.

Suprising popularity.

View ranking information about in the Majestic Million.
This humble website gets traffic. gets about half-a-million unique visitors a month. Our MajesticSEO ranking in the top 200,000 is an honor.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
My various medical calculators were small and fast.

Tyler Tyler
Yes. I remember. Those old HTML pages were ugly, but this seems nice.

Megan Megan
And they didn’t fit well on smartphones. Is that fixed yet?

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
Can you try it? Make your window very narrow and let me know if you see problems.

Hector Hector
I like the new soft look, and the music.

Megan Megan
What music?

Hector Hector
I shouldn’t spoil the suprise.

Dr. Halls
“See the new look.”

The new Body Mass Index calculator.

It used to have teddy bears.
The old style BMI calculator for men is here, and hasn’t been fixed-up yet.


You should explain the

Dr. Halls

Although I’m a practicing physician, a busy full-time Radiologist, I also have a hobby of software development. Many years ago, I created the original Talking Moose. Then I raised a family and built my medical career. Only recently, in the past few years, my passion for creating software reignited, and the Revival of the Talking Moose project began. I’ve spent insane amounts of money on it. Many hundreds of thousands of dollars, which seems ridiculous.

Talking Moose Talking Moose
You’re not insane. Doesn’t everybody waste their life savings on something?

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
You’re not helping! Actually, writing software of triple-A quality, isn’t cheap, and there were a lot of setbacks along the way.


Like any software product, for instance, 3D games on Steam or the App store top-sellers, it’s going to take some Marketing. If I spend a million dollars on software development and zero dollars on marketing, then it’s doomed to fail. I’m thought to myself: HEY, I have a popular website. I could advertise the new Talking Moose on it.

Dr. Halls

That’s illegal, or unethical, or against-policy…

Somewhere. Help me understand. People come here for medical information and are exposed to ads, like a sneak attack. And for what? A software that isn’t even finished?

I know I’ll never recover the money I’ve spent on it, because the Moose software will be FREE. Thus, I’m advertising something that is FREE because it’s a wonderful software that people should know about. It makes people happy, every day. It improves their health too, because laughter does that.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

Dr. Halls

Lets get back to, re: the Blog.
I’m hiring writers to help me create a bunch of new BLOG posts, on health topics. These blog posts are where most of the gratutitous moose-related silly-ness occurs, during discussions of weight loss, diets, etc. Click on the blog link, for some amusement.

And here below are the rest of my links to my old style web pages, that I haven’t found time to update yet.


Click this link to go to the Talking Moose website to learn more.

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