Expedition aircraft E350.

The Expedition E350 Aircraft.

December 2014 update. I have re-arranged this page.

The Building my Expedition E350 in the factory, has a lot of pictures.

Then, My earliest flights in the Expedition E350.

The Dimensions of the Expedition E350 aircraft. A reference.

Then, Pictures of older models of Found Aviation aircraft. Some history

Some Beautiful simulation pictures of Bush Hawk aircraft.

The Performance data of Expedition E350 aircraft. How fast and so on.

The color scheme for my plane. It’s amazing how a concept drawing became beautiful reality.


Then came bankruptcy of the company


Sometime in summer 2013, the companies Found Aviation and Expedition Aircraft went into receivership, (the Canadian phrase for bankrupty). As I am writing this update in December 2014, I still have not heard news of who bought the company remnants at the receivership auction. If I hear any confirmed news, I will post it. If you happen to know before I do, please let me know.

The competition

Before the bankruptcy, actually back in 2008, I wrote down my thougts about the competing airplanes that were around at the time. In 2014, Cessna and the others are surviving.

Cessna 182

Didn’t have sufficient range and load ability.

Cessna 206

Is closer, but insuring 6 seats is more than I need. You
can’t get a new 206 for under $500,000 either.


Is significantly smaller than E350.


The Murphy Moose is a consideration..


I still fly my plane


The loss of the Found aviation company is sad, but these airplanes are still in existence and are flown by people who love them. 13 Expedition aircraft were delivered, and my daughter and I still enjoy and are proud of owning one. My further adventures in flying are on my personal hobby blog in the flying category.


Did you click on any faces or find other surprises?


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