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Dr. Halls

Hello. I'm Dr. Halls, and I am a real person, Steven B Halls, born in 1960.

The website began in 1999, and in 2014 I began modernizing the look and calling it Moose and Doc.

This website has its major focus on body mass index, ideal weight, body surface area, breast cancer, height and weight charts, weight loss, diet and exercize.

I should also mention the Talking Moose, which is a parallel project that is growing into a major focus in my life, which explains why the Moose is finding its way onto all my pages about other topics.

You can find videos of the moose on my Google+ page or Youtube channel or info about me on my LinkedIn page.

clickPlease click to visit: the Talking Moose project website.




You can contact the webmaster, me, Steven Halls,
using email: [email protected] or cellphone: 1-780-608-9141

Steven B. Halls Professional Corporation
418 Twin Brooks Crescent NW,
Edmonton, Alberta,
Canada, T6J 6V2

It's OK to contact me. Hardly anybody actually does, and when people do, its usually for a good reason and I don't mind.




Regarding this website's "Privacy Policy":

  • This website does not store any personal information about you.
  • If you email me, your email will be considered personal and confidential.
  • This website does not directly attempt to save any cookies.
  • Google ads appear on this website, and google ads try to save cookies sometimes. They don't store your name, address, email address or telephone number, but apparently they try to track the pages you've visisted, so they can show future ads that interest you. See
    for more details, and for ways to opt out of that.





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