WHO makes appropriate body mass index range for Asian populations.

Title of article:

The WHO makes a reassessment of the appropriate body-mass index for Asian populations.

Authors: Choo V.

Journal: The Lancet, Jul 2002 20;360(9328):235


This is a short communication in the Lancet, without an abstract. Here is the major quote:

"The range for acceptable, normal, or optimum body-mass index (BMI) for Asian populations should be narrowed to 18.5-23 kg/m2, according to a WHO expert consultation on appropriate BMI for these populations that took place on July 8, 2001 in Singapore".

Comments and Key points

The WHO committee examined data from 10 Asian countries, relating BMI to risk factors. It appears that the major consultant behind this conclusion was "Paul" ( Deurenberg) of The Netherlands.

So the Asian "overweight" criterion is >=23.0 kg/m2. But "obesity" body mass index criteria is up to each Asian nation to decide for themselves.

Hector Hector
Doesn’t this article seem too short?

Tanya Tanya
A guy named “Paul” decided that Asians with BMI above 23 are overweight.

Hector Hector
I hate committees.

Tanya Tanya
I hate bullies on committees even more.


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