The Moose was in the book ‘Stupid Mac Tricks’ – 1990 by Bob Levitus

Stupid mac Tricks 1990 by Bob Levitus – Had a Talking Moose chapter


The book Stupid Mac Tricks by Bob Levitus in 1990 had a chapter about the Talking Moose. It gives you a little idea what the software looked like back then, when the Macintosh computer was Black & white screen.

Note: the above is an archive copy of the Talking Moose Chapter in Bob Levitus’es Stupid Mac Tricks Book, 1990.

I took photos of these pages, because of the nostalgia value they have for myself, and to make Bob’s name live on the internet, and to let people know, particularly young people, that the Moose was a phenomenon, way back then.

Visit the the Talking Moose software website.

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