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Commonly searched: Average male height, and average weight for women, charts, and so on.

The charts in this collection show useful information like average weight for women, average male height, percentiles and ranges. Every kind of average weight and average height. It just takes a little time to figure out the chart.

Tanya Tanya
What is the average weight for women?

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
It’s around 145 pounds, but depends on age.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
All these questions about weight and height, depend on age, gender and race, so you really do need to look at a chart page.

Billy Billy
I hate charts.

Megan Megan
There’s also short sentences.


I made these mens and womens height and weight charts, directly from the best data, the NHANES III datasets. Average height and weight at various ages, male and female, men and women, different race/ethnic groups.

When I made my own charts in year 2000, the CDC was lagging. Nowadays they are much better, but it’s still hard to find specific items on the CDC website. They want you to use their calculators, but I think you learn a lot from what the chart shows you.

The Adult charts are directly below. For the Children’s weight chart page, click link.

Mens Weight White
Men Height White
Men Weight Black
Men Height Black
Men Weight Hispanic
Men Height Hispanic
Men Weight Other
Men Height Other
Women Weight White
Women Height White
Women Weight Black
Women Height Black
Women Weight Hispanic
Women Height Hispanic
Women Weight Other
Women Height Other

Hector Hector
What about Body Mass Index? Got charts?


Mens BMI chart
of Male Body Mass Index for Age.
Womens BMI chart
of Female Body Mass Index for Age.


My Body mass index calculator and Ideal weight calculator are also good.

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
Best calculators on the internet.

Brittany Brittany
Paid spokesmoose?

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
Unpaid, but free sandwiches.


The most common reason that people use these charts is to find out if they, or someone they love, is overweight.  While it is scientifically proven that obesity is unhealthy, please also remember that a negative self-image is also unhealthy.  If you are overweight, these charts show that you are not alone.  The people you see on television or in magazines, don’t represent the real population.

Medical science can suggest a normal range of body mass index values that are equally reasonable and healthy. Outside of that normal range, when either overweight or underweight, then some statistically significant health risks have been proven.  On the other hand, public opinion, as influenced by television and print advertising, portrays an unrealistic narrow range of "ideal".  So, remember that genetics and family history is the most significant determinant of your height and weight. (Just don’t use that as an excuse to avoid exercise and good nutrition).

The halls.md charts were created by Steven B. Halls, MD, FRCPC and John Hanson, MSc.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
I updated the style of this page in 2014. Here are a few more things I want to say.


Notice on the charts, that adults get gradually heavier with age, and their BMI gets larger, until around age 60. Not only is that Normal, it’s Healthy. Research in the past decade has proved that having weight near the average for your age, is healthiest for long term survival. It’s not a fluke. You can be marginally skinnier or marginally fatter than average, and it doesn’t matter. But if you are significantly skinny or significantly fatter than the average for your age, then it does affect longevity.

Changing subject, a comment on diets.

Here are some minor bookkeeping items. I have a link to my own personal weight chart from 1999-2002, in an old MS-Excel format. Download weight chart. It holds the data that you see in this image below.

personal weight chart

Tyler Tyler
Rapid weight loss on a diet, then gained it all back.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
Yes. And in 2012 to 2014 I did the same thing. I did a hard successful diet, stayed slim and exercised, but later gained it all back when I stopped exercising.

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
People thought you looked sickly when you were too skinny, Doc.


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