A small history of Steven Halls, in pictures.

Way back in 1999 when this website began, Steve and Jenny looked like this.

Jenny & Steve Halls

  Jenny & Steve

Back in 1999, animated gifs were new and considered fun. Now they are laughable because of their oddness. The pink background texture, the comic sans font, and tables for layout. The good ole days.

Lets go FAR BACK to 1986, and see what we looked like, back in the days of dithering.

There was no color or greyscale back then, only black&white pixels. There was no internet, only modems and bulletin board systems.

Dr. Steven B. Halls Curriculum Vitae.

If you were looking for the academic training and professional background of Dr. Halls, click above.

What is this page for? It's actually a remant of my old website, from the old days of basic html. I am trying to update it to have more modern look, but to be honest, most of the new content is going onto the wordpress part of my website, not onto these old HTM pages. But I didn't want to simply delete the page, because I have some nostalgia for it's old pictures.

And this page has old pictures of me, from 1960 to present.

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