The author of the Peoples Choice Ideal Weight and BMI formulas, grants to others, the non-exclusive right to use these formulas for non-commercial purposes, as long as an appropriate credit or reference is attributed to Dr. S.B. Halls and this website. Commercial use and unapproved use on other webpages is prohibited.
- Steven B. Halls, MD. February 12, 2002.


What does this mean? If you want to quote the formulas (along with their source) in a scientific article, newsletter, criticism or review, its OK.

If you are a webmaster who wants to copy the People's choice Ideal Weight calculation on your own webpage, that is prohibited. You would have to contact Dr Halls to get permission.

Some webmasters have been known to blatantly copy entire web pages, and edit out all references to the original source and creator. Such behavior will be discovered, by me, or by other friendly health website webmasters who monitor search engine results pertinent to health calculators. Many effective means are available to deal with this problem.

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