“You think girls that are fit are ugly? Please tell me about how attractive your double chin, muffin top, and thunder thighs are.”

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“Potential short-term effects of low-carb diets”

Low carb diets may cause you to lose weight because they restrict kj or energy. The body begins to use body stores of glucose and glycogen to replace the complex carbohydrates it is not getting from food. About 3g of water is needed to release 1g of glycogen, so the rapid initial weight loss on a low-carb diet is mostly water, not body fat.
Some people may experience problems such as nausea, dizziness, constipation, lethargy, dehydration, bad breath, and loss of appetite.

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“Potential long-term effects of low-carb diets”

The safety of low complex carbohydrates diets is still uncertain, and the potential effects on a person’s health are not known. Some experts believe it’s a recipe for a heart attack. Possible long-term effects may include weight gain, bowel problems, dieting problems, high cholesterol, abdominal obesity (and other obesity related disorders), kidney problems, osteoporosis and other related conditions.

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This doesn’t sound too great… I think I’ll pass…

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Well, weight loss needs a healthy approach…

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This tip will help you a little… A diet high in fruits and veggies, wholegrains, legumes, low-fat dairy products, and moderate in fat and kj, is the best way to lose weight and actually keep it off.


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“I only want two things: To lose weight, and eat.”

“Weight loss needs a healthy approach”

Vegetarians and people who ingests predominantly plant-based diets are generally thinner and have much decreased rates of obesity, heart disease and cancer, distinguished to people who eat meat-based diets. This supports modern thinking that diets high in unrefined complex carbohydrates aids to avoid overweight and obesity.

Ultimately, to prevent weight gain, energy consumption should not be more than energy output over a degree. Escaping large portion sizes and limiting intake of saturated fats and added sugars will help maintain energy intake in check. Also, regular exercise is demanding for long-term weight loss accomplishment.

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To lose weight successfully, for once and for all, you may want to choose a diet plan that works best for you.


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